PHRN Services

Conduct trainings (In house and Commercial) including workshop, seminar and conferences, we offer specially customized individual organizations to suit their special requirement.
International Workshops/trainings
We organize international seminars and trainings for PHRN members, these seminars sponsored by PHRN from membership funds


OD Intervention
We convoy organizations in their journey of development interventions and assist them in capacity building programs to enable effective and efficient performance. This is a specially designed program after a careful need analysis and diagnosis of existing systems and practices of the organization.


Evaluation and Assessment
To assess the current situation of the project or of the organization, PHRN is with you to do project evaluations and organizational assessment, with support of experts who will help in impact assessment of the projects with unique participatory tools can be facilitated.



Corporate Services

– Change Management

– Research and Development

– Business Process Outsourcing

– Customer Relations Management

– Market Research and Analysis

– Business Seminars and Trainings

– Logistics & Supply Chain Management

– Procurement Administration

– Monitoring and Evaluation

– Public Private Partnership

Technology and Innovation

Technology and innovation are the areas of core expertise, where we innovate solutions to suit developmental and corporate needs. We however specialise in deployment of ICT infrastructure at the service of social service products, like good governance, poverty alleviation, agriculture productivity, community development, women empowerment, quality education and professional skills. Our primary products in technological interface are:

– Software Development & Solutions

– Automation and ERP Solutions

– Website Design and Development

– E-Learning and E-Education Platform

– E-Health and Tele-Health Services

– E-Vocational and Occupational Skills

– Media Support Technologies

– ICT for Good Governance

– ICT for Community Empowerment (ICE)

– Multipurpose Community Telecenters (MCTs)

Education & Training

Human resource development is one of our niche areas, which caters for operational, academic, technical and technological support to a number of private sector education and training institutions. Our core expertise in this area however remains:

– Policy, Planning and Management Support

– Formal Schooling for Quality Education

– Vocational, Technical and Occupational Training

– Entrepreneurial Training and Grooming

– E-Learning Platform and E-Education

– Vertical Education Solutions

– Research and Knowledge Creation

ublic Health

Providing consulting services for effective implementation of health sector interventions, especially in the fields of public health, health system strengthening and fight against HIV / AIDS, polio, TB, Malaria and measles etc. We specialize in technical support to:

– Public Health Services

– Electronic Medical Records

– Data Mining and Mapping

– Monitoring and Tracking of Patients

– Monitoring and Tracking of Medical Inventories

– Research in Epidemiology

– Reducing Risk Factors in TB/HIV/AIDS

– Inventory Management of Health Supplies

– Awareness Raising on Polio, TB, Malaria and HIV

– Public Health Services Health System Strengthening

– Health Management Policy Reforms

– Technological Solutions to Health Epidemics

– Tele-Medicine / Tele-Health / M-Health Solutions

Sustainable Development

We have a pool of professionally strong resource persons specializing in climate change and sustainable development. We offer services in research, project design and implementation in all the areas of development sector, including:

– Integrated Rural Development

– Sustainable Development

– Natural Resource Management

– Climate Change Adaption

– Climate Change Mitigation

– Conservation and Bio-Diversity

– Monitoring and Evaluation

– Project Cycle Management

– Social Sector Development

– Poverty Alleviation

– Gender Mainstreaming

– Social Impact Assessment

– Environmental Impact Assessment

– Technical and Financial Proposals

– Professional Reporting and Follow-Up

Disaster Risk Management

The key professional in the organisation have hands-on experience of managing disaster risks both at policy and implementation levels. We are proud to have the best mix of DRM professional in Pakistan, specialising in:

– DRM Resource Mapping

– DRM Policy Formulation

– DRM Policy Analysis

– Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

– Multi-hazard Vulnerability Risk Assessment

– Disaster Management Information System

– Disaster Risk Assessment

– School Safety Programs

– Disaster Recovery and Rehabilitation

– Disaster Risk Insurance

– DRM Related Capacity Building

– Technology Application in Disasters

– Community Based Disaster Risk Management


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