PakiSTAN Media and Communication Group
What is PMCN
Pakistan Media & Communications Network (PMCN) is an open and independent forum for journalists, media professionals, communications practitioners,comms/media students and
teachers, PR officers and those associated with, or interested in advocacy and campaigning on key development issues in the country.
Pakistan Media & Communications Network (PMCN) is an independent project of PHRN
initially supported by  ActionAid Pakistan in 2010

PMCN Objective:

To develop an interface between media and development/humanitarian sector, with expected participation of the political stakeholders To encourage sharing of information, news, events, learning resources, and engagements on key policy and human rights issues. To create spaces where diverse forms of media, media practitioners, and those who reflect on, and critically engage with the media/comms can come together, discuss , debate and pool energies to promote people-centered and development-oriented media practices.
Who can join

• Journalists
• Media professionals, communications
• practitioners, comms/media students
• and teachers
• PR officers
• Those associated with, or interested in
• advocacy and campaigning on key
• development issues in the country

PMCN Content and Group Activities
The group will give space to the following:
• News and updates of the humanitarian sector (Pakistan specific) that may interest journalists, researchers and others (seminars, discussion forums, campaigns, policy forums)
• Newsletters, annual reports and other publications, research papers
• Media fellowships and scholarships announcements
• Press releases and media statements from Humanitarian sector

. Membership mechanism & Quality control:
Members will be invited to join using existing Google group (managed by Tanveer Malik). Database will be collected comprising member’s basic information such as professional background, areas of interest etc. A code of ethics will be developed which will clearly state against sending any controversial, biased, gender insensitive, sensitive, offensive and improper messages or statements.