Advisory Council of PHRN

  • Advisory Council of PHRN:
  1. Ms.Naghma Qazi
    CEO PHRN  (The Asia Foundation)
  2. Mr.Tanveer Malik
    (SHED Pakistan)
  3. Mr.Fawad Hussain
  4. Mr.Furqaan Tanveer
    (OXFAM GB)
  5. Ms.Rohma Sabir
    (SHED Pakistan )
  6. Ms. Shagufta Shah
    (Brandies University)
  7. Mr.Fida Muhammad
    (Action Aid)
  8. Ms.Aqeela
    (Plan Pakistan)
  9. Mr.Junaid Judoon
    (Action against Hunger)
  10. Mr.Shoaib Akhter
  11. (World Vision International)

Our vision: To shape the future of the profession Objective: PHRN provides research, education and support to promote the standing of the profession and engender human resource management best practice within workplaces. PHRN also assists HR practitioners and people managers to excel in their profession through the provision of valued benefits and services that contribute to their workplace effectiveness and career development.

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